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Many of us have ideas which never see the light of the day. This might be not because of the lack of drive to take the idea to the end but because of lack of the complete set of skills and knowledge to take the idea to fruition.

What if we could collaborate individual skills and take millions of such ideas to their meaningful ends?

The WOW Project is an attempt to encourage people to contribute their arts and stories aligned to the WOW Words (words on human values). The WOW Team will review these Arts and Stories, decipher patterns there-in and collate the submissions to compile books that get published and make videos that get listed online. While at it, the spirit and goodness of the Words of Wisdom will spread.

The WOW Project also aims to encourage ideas, arts and stories from every creative person. Like minded people with different skills can make a seemingly difficult journey easy and smooth.

Let’s get out, share our small bit, and realize bigger dreams with each-other’s help.

Any profit made from sale or syndication of products (book sales, video rights, ad revenue, etc.) will be distributed among the contributors.