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The WOW project became WOW because of gratis contributions of multiple talented people – Artists, Writer, Editors and Designers – each of whom added their bit to the whole.

The WOW Artists

Rabid Crafter, Party Stylist, YouTuber

Alishka Varde Singh

Alishka loves working with papers & fabrics and making new things from a bunch of random craft supplies. Party styling and her videos happened as an offshoot of her love for DIY. She also loves sketching… it’s like meditation to her.


Writer, Filmmaker, Graphic Poet

Devashish Makhija

His parents gave Devashish Makhija his Name. Pure chance gave him his Nationality. No one asked him if he wanted the Religion he got. The System gave him an Education. And then proceeded to make it null and void. The only thing he got to choose in his life are his Words. So he likes to choose them carefully.

Animator, Illustrator, Biker, Scuba diver

Bijit Kundu

Bijit is an avid storyteller, concept artist, character designer, off-road enthusiast and scuba diver all punched into one. His Sunday off-roading adventures in the wild, fuel his imagination which keeps him going through all the challenges in life.


Mixed Media Artist

Late Krsna Ananda

Late Krsna Ananda (Joy Datta) was inspired by everything around him, although it did get amusing for him when they appeared in rectangles. He was always aspiring to test the bounds of reality in a woven and created world. You could count on Joy for an out of the box frame.

(Joy died on 10-Oct-2016 in a road accident in Jaisalmer, India)

Artist, Filmmaker

Ruchi Bakshi Sharma

Ruchi Bakshi is a filmmaker, artist and toymaker. She studied Communication Design and has several award winning live action and stop motion shorts to her credit. Her picaresque characters, often based on outlandish folklore and equipped with supernatural powers, seem to inhabit a strange and wonderful world of myth and fancy.

Animator, Illustrator

Bimal Poddar

Born in West Bengal, never played football. Went to Ahmedabad for studies, didn’t try Dandia either. Currently lives in Mumbai and tackling challenges with his visual and creative skills. In between, founded Fairycows Animation studio.

Graphic Designer

Anoop Patnaik

Anoop lives in Mumbai and is the co-founder of Design Stack, a branding and Graphic Design studio

Graphic Designer and Visual Artist

Kapil Sharma

Kapil, the sixth-generation of artists in the family, is based in Udaipur, Rajasthan. His work fuses his long lasting interest in the literary and painterly conventions of Nathdwara miniatures, with his other passion; documenting nature and city’s built fabric.
This astonishing blend has resulted in work which re-contextualises the narratives of the Nathdwara miniatures in a contemporary manner… thus making it more accessible to the public. His works are a part of several private collections and museums all over the world.
/ studiofunc

Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Hand lettering & Visual Artist

Kriti Monga

Kriti is a brand designer, illustrator and artist in New Delhi, with an obsession for all things type and hand-crafted. She tinkers with lettering, typography, words and meaning in all sorts of ways, draws travel and sketchnote diaries, teaches occasionally, and goes wandering off in foreign lands whenever she can get away.
/ turmericdesign

Visual Artist, Illustrator, Digital Artist

Archan Nair

Archan Nair is a self-taught artist specialising in mixed media, illustration, and digital art. His visual expressions are part of a journey which is really influenced by the mysteries of our existence and how every action, emotion, and our interconnectedness in a universal scale sets off a chain of reactions… which we experience from the micro to the macro scale.


Rajesh Soni

Rajesh is an artist living in Udaipur, Rajasthan, who has become known primarily for his abilities to sketch street life and old heritage havelis and hand colouring black and white photos. He is the son of artist Lalit Soni, and grandson of Prabhu Lal Soni, who was once court photographer to the Maharana Shree Bhopal Singh of Mewar.


Artist, Illustrator and Storyteller

Allen Shaw

Allen is an Indian artist, illustrator and storyteller based in Berlin. His life revolves around travelling and recording his journeys in his sketchbooks. Travelling and sketching is like feeding his gypsy soul.


Nitin Patel

Nitin Patel started as an exhibition designer but his interests drifted him to the world of computer graphics. He is a self taught computer graphics artist and loves to learn and explore new media and art forms. He is currently mastering watercolours which is reflected in his recent works.


Artist, Animator, Scribe

Prashant Miranda

Prashant lives between Canada and India where he documents his life in watercolour journals, murals, children’s books and films.

/Prashant Miranda

Artist, Cake Artist

Sunaina Sadarangani Gera

Sunaina was born into a Sindhi family in the island of Curacao and raised in Nigeria and India. The artist had exposure to different cultures very early in life which helped define her unique style. She concentrates on imaginative compositions and figure drawings, which are brought to life with the powerful bold use of colours. Working primarily with acrylics, she uses a palette knife in place of a brush, adding depth and weight to create a variety of textures.

Graphic Designer

Rajashree Basu Kundu

Rajashree lives in Mumbai near the greens of National Park. Botanical drawings and foliage are strong in her designs. She loves everything vintage and exotic. Her work ranges from designing identities, packaging, corporate communication and theme based parties and events.

Textile Designer

Ashdeen Z. Lilaowala

Ashdeen is a Textile Designer and Author who specializes in Parsi Gara embroidery. In his creations, he beautifully amalgamates the ancient craft with his contemporary ideas.

Fashion Designer

Anuj Sharma

Meet Anuj.
Anuj sees without pre-conceived thoughts.
Anuj lets his mind speak.
He trusts his instincts.
He designs. He writes. He plays.


Storyteller beyond medium

Rajat Nagpal

Rajat is best introduced as a polymath and serial entrepreneur. A pre-visualiser, Producer, Director of several award winning Television Commercials, Music Videos, Corporate & Documentary Films & Shorts, he has also written stories, screenplays and lyrics while dabbling with production design, costume design, music composition and cinematography. A Masterchef Season 2 finalist, he has also co-founded the largest professional networking portal for the Indian creative industry. Currently, he lives in Goa and continues to dabble in multiple media.


Transmedia Artist

Kavita Singh Kale

Kavita Singh Kale is an award winning filmmaker, artist, author and illustrator. Traveling drives her thoughts. People around- strangers, acquaintance, family and friends are building blocks for her narratives. Being part of new cultures and learning about them and translating it into visual poems, is what interests her. Kavita is the co-founder of an interdisciplinary studio called Underground Worm Art & Design.

Animation, Filmmaker, Painter, Illustrator

Pradipta Ray

Pradipta is an artist, animator, visualizer, filmmaker, dancer, painter… all fused in one. He has been part of many acclaimed film projects winning awards and appreciation. He is also a visiting faculty at NID Ahmedabad and perhaps the institute’s first and only transgender professor widely popular with students and colleagues alike.. Pradipta lives in Mumbai.

/pradipta ray

Animator, Installation Artist, Muralist, Madari

Prasun Basu

Prasun qualifies to be an Animator, Artist, Sculptor, Designer, Animatronics Enthusiast and more because he just loves to handle pencil, paint, stylus, clay, fur, foam, fabric, silicon, latex and some other gooey smelly stuff. Of late, he has been spending a lot of time with his 3D printer and soldering iron and tinkering with Arduinos, servo motors and radio controllers.

Graphic Designer

Sucharita Sengupta Suri

Sucharita is a Visual Communicator professionally whose forte is in the understanding & usability of graphic & communication design tools for a wide variety of media. In personal life, other than a good sound sleep, she dabbles with many creative ideas like organising workshops with kids, crafting, photography and more.


Amit Ashar

Amit is a photographer for many years and counting. He is based out of Mumbai. His style is minimalistic and his themes are poignant. His eye has a childlike curiosity which loves to capture ‘The Phenomenal Magic of the Ordinary’ his ongoing personal body of work which is a unique and delightful way of seeing the everyday and ordinary around us.

Animator, Illustrator

Priya Kuriyan

Priya is a children’s book illustrator, comic book artist and an animator. She currently lives in New Delhi, filling her sketchbooks with strange caricatures of its residents.

Visual Artist, Illustrator

Shweta Mohapatra

Shweta is an illustrator, animation film maker and an visual artist. She lives in Delhi with her architect husband and her son. She is always juggling multiple things and if you meet her she might look distracted, but actually she is keenly observing the world around her.


The WOW Author

Author of The WOW Stories

Amit Suri

Amit is inspired by things creative. Making small crafts, playing with words, exploring new places and being able to connect the dots successfully makes him happy.


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