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WOW is a collaboration among 27 creative individuals who believe that… ‘The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts’.

One day a six year old asked his father, “What is Honesty?” In an attempt to answer the question, they set out on a journey, code named WOW for Words of Wonder. In their journey they hoped to find meanings of words that define Values we try to imbibe, grow with, live by and share for a happy and fulfilling life.

At some point while finding WOW, the idea of ‘WORDS OF WONDER – A to Z‘ book was conceived. A few like-minded people joined the father and the son in their quest to complete the book. The book features 26 words, each starting with a letter of English alphabet, that represent a human value. Accompanying each word is a thought-provoking quotation, a unique art (contributed gratis by artists), and an engaging short story.

WORDS OF WONDER – A to Z‘ book aims to inform, entertain and inspire the reader.

WOW also represents the spirit of creative and talented people whose gratis contributions helped realize a bigger purpose.



Attitude | Balance | Curiosity | Diligence | Empathy | Freedom | Honesty | Integrity | Joy | Kindness | Love | Modesty | Naivety | Om | Persistence | Quest | Respect | Sincerity | Trust | Unique | Valour | Wisdom | Youth | Zeal



Alishka Varde Singh | Devashish Makhija | Bijit Kundu | Krsna Ananda | Ruchi Bakshi Sharma | Bimal Poddar | Anoop Patnaik | Kapil Sharma | Kriti Monga | Archan Nair | Rajesh Soni | Allen Shaw | Nitin Patel | Prashant Miranda | Sunaina Sadarangani Gera | Rajashree Basu Kundu | Ashdeen Z. Lilaowala | Anuj Sharma | Rajat Nagpal | Kavita Singh Kale | Pradipta Ray | Prasun Basu | Sucharita Sengupta Suri | Amit Ashar | Priya Kuriyan | Shweta Mohapatra

Ashok Bhattacharjee | Atul Sethi | Saira Kurup | Megha Shah | Rahul B Seth | Anamika Srivastava | Nir Banerji | Brajesh Kumar | Amit Suri

An Introduction


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The WOW Project is now compiled into



What to expect

Contents of the book

  • 26 insightful words on human values
  • Accompanying thoughtful quotes
  • Unique artistic expressions by 26 artists
  • 26 short stories each on a WOW word
  • Introduction to Artists
  • Narrations by each artist on their art
  • Hardbound book, 136 pages, 6 x 9 inches
  • Premium paper and print

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”


Pick your copy today

The WOW Project is now compiled into


WOW and more


The search for ‘Words of Wonder’

When I first started looking for Words of Wisdom, I got hold on a voluminous Oxford Dictionary and started reading it! Over the next few days, I read the whole dictionary little by little each day. During the course of reading the dictionary, I shortlisted words on human virtues. Gradually I gravitated towards the idea [...]

WOW Arts – Narration by Artists

I am immensely grateful to all artists who have contributed Art to 'The WOW Project'. Not only are these Arts wonderful but each artist have shared narration on why they chose to do the Art they did. To understand their wonderful work, it is best to have it deciphered directly by its creator. Read through [...]

WOW Stories – One-line Synopsis

Each of the story included in the book WORDS OF WONDER - A to Z is on a word that reflects a human value. When these stories were penned the intent was to capture the ethos of the word without getting into its literal meaning. I hope the astute reader will associate with the meaning [...]